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The Ocean Modeling Forum is fostering networks of scientists and managers to improve the way models are used to address the most pressing challenges facing the world’s oceans.

Photo credit: Kerem Tapani Gültekin


Making Models Matter

How can the most cutting-edge technical analyses be harnessed to improve the world’s oceans?

The Ocean Modeling Forum aims to address that question. Our goal is to foster collaboration among the world’s leading technical experts to provide clear, decision-critical information on key ocean issues.

Humpback whale breaching.
Photo credit: NOAA Sanctuary Program
Photo credit: NOAA Sanctuary Program

Our Approach

The Ocean Modeling Forum supports working groups formed around ocean management issues to produce rigorous and transparent advice on critical issues.

  • Modeling teams meet several times to define goals and outcomes, identify opportunities for model synergy, and use multi-model approaches to provide cohesive, clear results.
  • Managers and decision-makers are involved from the start to help define the goals and design outputs to maximize the potential impact of the case study for management.
  • Working groups are intentionally diverse across geography and discipline, to ensure breadth of scope and perspective.

By fostering collaboration among scientists, managers, and key stakeholders, the OMF works to improve the usefulness of models in ocean management.

Working Groups

OMF working groups address pressing ocean management topics using diverse modeling methods. Working group members are scholars from a range of natural and social scientific disciplines who work in an integrated and collaborative manner. Scientists work alongside stakeholders and managers to co-develop goals, approaches, and outputs.


Advisory Board

Partners and Funders