Call for Special Issue Research Papers

In collaboration with Frontier in Marine Science, the Ocean Modeling Forum Marine Mammal Working Group is soliciting articles related to assessment approaches to support bycatch management for marine mammals. We are especially interested in examples of novel field and analytical methods for estimating abundance and bycatch and for calculating conservation reference points that can be […]

Marine Mammal Bycatch Mitigation ShinyApp is live!

The marine mammal bycatch mitigation ShinyApp is live! This ShinyApp was created by Dr. Margaret Siple as part of the Marine Mammal Working Group. It shows population projections under different bycatch mortality levels, based on information you provide. You can also use it to calculate the parameters for Potential Biological Removal (PBR). View the ShinyApp […]

OMF visits Haida Gwaii

The Ocean Modeling Forum has been engaging since 2014 with a diverse group of stakeholders and scientists from Alaska and British Columbia, focused on improving herring fisheries sustainability. Together we have developed approaches and tools to assess the impacts of herring fisheries on the diverse benefits provided by herring and herring harvest activities to communities, […]

OMF Marine Mammal Bycatch Working Group – Meeting 2 Summary

The Working Group members met for the second time on November 19-21, 2018, in Kirkland, Washington! Workshop participants included Working Group members, invited management experts from NOAA, and several observers from government and NGOs. This workshop focused on fostering productive discussion and break-out groups in order to make continual progress on each project. Members and […]

The OMF publishes a new paper demonstrating how model-based knowledge can be linked to action in ocean ecosystem management

This paper highlights five characteristics of knowledge that help connect products to decision-making. This includes knowledge that is: Aspirational Parsimonious Applicable Co-produced Amplifying These principles are illustrated through two case studies from the OMF Sardine and Herring working groups.  In each case study, the knowledge producers, the working group members, and the knowledge products, such […]

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