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The Ocean Modeling Forum helps managers, scientists, and the ocean community use models to take on complex ocean issues.

Photo credit: Kerem Tapani Gültekin


What We Do

We bring expert modelers together with scientists and participants across disciplines. We help managers frame questions, understand the strengths and limitations of different models, and learn how to incorporate models in their work. By creating an environment for experimentation and learning, the OMF is building the innovative models needed to tackle the ocean challenges of the future, and a community to support that exploration.

Humpback whale breaching.
Photo credit: NOAA Sanctuary Program
Photo credit: NOAA Sanctuary Program

Work With Us

The OMF takes on a select number of projects each year so we can devote our full attention to them.

We’ll begin soliciting proposals for our next project in the Spring of 2018.

What makes a good OMF project?

  • A real (not purely theoretical) ocean management or applied science problem
  • Some models exist and/or are in use already
    • By ‘model’ we mean a framework for abstracting, projecting, and/or comparing biological and oceanographic features (such as fish population dynamics) and human interactions with those features. Models may include quantitative and qualitative features, and we are particularly interested in problems that seek to combine models in novel ways.  
  • Interest and commitment by the community, including decision-makers, as demonstrated by contributions of time, funding, and active participation

Take a look at our past and present working groups to see what we’ve done so far. Not sure if you’re a fit? Drop us a note. Join our mailing list to be notified when we open our call for ideas. 

Working Groups

OMF working groups address pressing ocean management topics using diverse modeling methods. Working group members are scholars from a range of natural and social scientific disciplines who work in an integrated and collaborative manner. Scientists work alongside stakeholders and managers to co-develop goals, approaches, and outputs.


Advisory Board

Partners and Funders